ApexJet 平板打印機 東芝工業噴頭

產品優點/Product Advantage:

1.採用東芝CE4M噴頭/Equipped With TOSHIBA CE4M Print head


High density nozzles,as many as 636,dot frequency is 28KHZ,achieve a high print speed. Spray ink can reach 300billion times without clogging and oblique,with a long life. 8 levels grey scale,5pl ink drop size,with a high resolution.

2.採用東芝認證墨水/Certified ink by TOSHIBA


Ink is certificate by TOSHIBA passed ROHS,SGS certificate. Without any components which may damage print head. Life of print head will be longer. High ink density and wide color gamut.

3.噴頭排線/ Imported head cable


Head cable is imported from Japan with shielding function. Data transmission won’t be affected by outside factors. Long life and in warranty for 1 year.

4.高效穩定USB3.0介面/ High-performance transmission


USB3.0 interface, speed is 10 times than USB2.0. High efficiency ,energy saving compatibility, strengthen anti-interference ability .

5.白彩獨立雙負壓/ Independent negative pressure system on white and color


Ensure perfect output in the process of high frequency printing, greatly improve stability of the device.

6.高強度鋼結構機架/ High-strength steel frame


Welded racks are milled by CNC milling machine. Ensure no deformation when print glass, stone and other heavy materials.

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